The Meaning of Christmas

I’m probably the last one on Earth who should be writing about the meaning of Christmas given my lack of experience and education in anything related to Christianity.  Growing up in the US but not within a church means I consider myself culturally Christian.  Being culturally Christian means living in a nation where the Christian principles are […]

For the Sake of Earth

We’re more powerful than we know. Together we can collectively create a miracle to reverse climate change and help provide the conditions for Earth to heal. I’m hopeful, because even though I may be completely wrong, it’s a strategy we have not fully explored. Let’s explore it. What would it involve? It would involve us […]

A Proposal for a More Holistic Approach to Climate Change Solutions

Americans are increasingly concerned about global warming and the deteriorating state of the environment. An ongoing Gallup poll of American’s view of the environment reveals our evolving view of climate change issues since the poll began over 2 decades ago. Over three-quarters (77%) of the 2019 respondents feel the tone of the discussion around climate change is […]