On Contrast

At one time I held a rather rigid expectation that my life would proceed along a straight and narrow road that would lead me to what common measure considers success in relationship, in business, and in material existence. Laughable conveys only a tiny fraction of my current sentiments regarding this expectation. During a recent period  […]

Back To The Trees

We ask you to connect back to the trees and reread this blog by Dr. Kimberly Andrews, originally posted on June 17th of 2020. Now, it is time to head back to the trees. We literally are going to talk about trees in this blog, but I mean this figuratively as well about a sense […]

Purpose, Passion, Productivity. In That Order.

Early in my career facilitating leadership development, one day I jumped out of bed thinking, “I can’t believe I get paid to do this!” At this moment, I realized what work is meant to be. Too often, work seems to be something different. Instead of feeding our heart, modern work may be suffocating, crushing our souls given […]

Developmental Stages of Humanity and Earth

Harvard professor Bob Kegan’s adult development theory explains how adults develop on a cognitive level, as opposed to the traditional life stages framework.  In his theory, Kegan describes how adults move through stages defined by ones’ ability to understand and manage complexity. In his book, In Over Our Heads, Kegan describes how we’re, well, in over our […]

Relationship Power Differentials: Reciprocity and Fairness

Good relationships are central to our wellbeing but can be so hard to create.  Few of us are taught how to create healthy and rewarding relationships.  A lucky few have had good role models.  The rest of us have had to learn by trial and error; in our cases, more by error than trial.  But these are learnable skills!  As […]

Night Vision: Exploring Our Shadow Side

“Ogres are like onions…Ogres have layers. Onions have layers.” – Shrek  Disagreements, the kind where we’re digging our heels in for the long haul, often to have an element of disbelief where we wonder how the other person can think that.  But I know that if we dig down deeply enough, even the most illogical opinions, […]

Diversity, The Myth of Separateness, & Earth Care

“The myth of the separate self underlies our entire civilization, says philosopher and author Charles Eisenstein. This dualistic view of the world pits people against each other and turns nature into something we want to control. But we can choose another story — one of interdependence and connection. By doing so we become able to […]

Why We Have Systemic-isms

Did it feel like this discussion about systemic racism came out of left field?  I suspect it took many of us off guard, not unlike the discussion about gay marriage several years ago.  One day, everyone is saying WTF?, and then the next we’re all acting like the change is a no-brainer. These left field surprises are […]

Jason, with the Audible Bark

A month ago, my co-worker, Bridgette and I were driving home from the field late after catching and attaching satellite tags to alligators at the Okefenokee Swamp Park. As you may have read in the blog, The Silent Bark, we were discussing how people and events happen in our lives at just the right moment. Within […]

What the Pandemic and Demonstrations Have in Common

This confluence of pandemic and Black Lives Matter is no accident.  We created this through one common denominator: aggression towards what we view as “less than.” In a way, we can’t help it.  We constantly have to sort through the millions of things in our lives and decide, usually subconsciously, quickly and accurately, what is good and what […]