On Contrast

At one time I held a rather rigid expectation that my life would proceed along a straight and narrow road that would lead me to what common measure considers success in relationship, in business, and in material existence. Laughable conveys only a tiny fraction of my current sentiments regarding this expectation. During a recent period  […]

Developmental Stages of Humanity and Earth

Harvard professor Bob Kegan’s adult development theory explains how adults develop on a cognitive level, as opposed to the traditional life stages framework.  In his theory, Kegan describes how adults move through stages defined by ones’ ability to understand and manage complexity. In his book, In Over Our Heads, Kegan describes how we’re, well, in over our […]

The Treasures of Our Yin (Shadow) Side

In religion and spirituality, we often talk about light and love as being good and desirable.  The dark is ignored or discussed as undesirable, often equated to evil.  Is the distinction really so black and white? My background as daughter of Chinese immigrants means that I view darkness from the perspective as providing balance to the light, […]

Night Vision: Exploring Our Shadow Side

“Ogres are like onions…Ogres have layers. Onions have layers.” – Shrek  Disagreements, the kind where we’re digging our heels in for the long haul, often to have an element of disbelief where we wonder how the other person can think that.  But I know that if we dig down deeply enough, even the most illogical opinions, […]

By Her Sickbed

She’s resting quietly now.  She’s too tired to speak, and she naps frequently.  I don’t want to disturb her.  I want her to rest and become stronger, and I also don’t want to leave her side. She doesn’t have to speak for me for me to know what’s going on with her.   She’s never been […]

An Apology to Earth

Dear Mother Earth, I’m writing this letter because this is really, really hard to say and I wanted to make sure I’m telling you everything I need to express.  I screwed up, beloved Mother, and I’m really, really sorry. I don’t want this letter to become about me and have you feeling sorry for me.  Instead, I […]

A Letter to You

Dear Earth Family, I’m writing to you now because my heart is breaking and I don’t know a better way to communicate my feelings to you right now.   These rifts between all of us feel devastating and I’m writing in hopes that we can find a way to reconcile. We’ve been drifting apart for so long, […]

Jason, with the Audible Bark

A month ago, my co-worker, Bridgette and I were driving home from the field late after catching and attaching satellite tags to alligators at the Okefenokee Swamp Park. As you may have read in the blog, The Silent Bark, we were discussing how people and events happen in our lives at just the right moment. Within […]

Nature, the Nerd

I was surprised each time I have found myself single, first after my divorce from my husband of 20 years and then after the death of my late husband Chris.  I just didn’t expect to have to be out dating again prior to each instance. It is very different dating in my mid-life compared to when […]

What I Hate About You

Getting along can be challenging, especially during these days of pandemic and polarization around so many topics including masks, race, politics, and climate change.  Solutions are needed more than ever, but we can hardly find a way to talk to each other much less find common ground. And when I get my hot button pushed, forget […]