In the Dark of Winter, Embrace the Discomforts of Growth

The pandemic. Cooped up inside to avoid the cold. Seasonal affective disorder. Climate change. Mercury retrograde.  Restlessness, discontent, and malaise is not uncommon this time of year, especially during these trying times. Our tendency may be to push through, force a smile onto our faces, and pretend it’s not there. Certainly there are situations that […]

Make Intentions and Resolutions for the 2022 New Year

The distinction between an intention and resolution is small but important. A resolution is a firm decision that you either meet or miss. Weight loss, exercise, or saving money are typical resolutions for the new year. Less than half of resolutions are maintained after 6 months, according to this research. Though resolutions overlap with intentions, […]

Night Vision: Exploring Our Shadow Side

“Ogres are like onions…Ogres have layers. Onions have layers.” – Shrek  Disagreements, the kind where we’re digging our heels in for the long haul, often to have an element of disbelief where we wonder how the other person can think that.  But I know that if we dig down deeply enough, even the most illogical opinions, […]

The Bridge Between Perspectives

I heard somewhere that conflict occurs because we tend to focus on the minority of areas in which we disagree, ignoring the vast majority of the areas where we are in agreement.  This idea strongly resonates with me, since it seems that if we put more effort into appreciating our commonalities and celebrating our differences, we […]

Don’t Miss This Big-Ass Quarantine Silver Lining

It seems that those of us in quarantine who are returning to the outdoors in record numbers may be rediscovering their lost connection with nature.  Nature also seems to be re-emerging to explore her relationship with us now that there are fewer cars, airplanes and boats surging through habitats.  It feels like one big reunion, meeting loved […]

Developing Resilience During COVID

One of my favorite lines from the time I was doing professional development was, “I don’t have time to learn time and stress management.” Well, now (most of) you do.  It seems that, for many of us, right now amidst the quarantine the stress comes not from feeling like you have too much to do, but from feeling […]