Inspiration/Desperation: Purpose Arising From Challenge

Studies show that happiness increases with wealth up to the point where we get our needs met. After this point, it is believed, that we must then fill our lives with eudaimonia (doing good) instead of hedonia (feeling good) since hedonism has a limited impact on life satisfaction. Doing good work often stems from a […]

The Dreamer

I’m often invigorated by my inner visions. My body responds with glorious sensations as I dream of bliss-filled realities of Union. Many of my visions are quite vivid. I feel blessed and filled with wonderment. I child-like once again. Yes, I am happy to be a dreamer. Dreaming comes naturally to me. In my life, […]

Exploring Rabbit Holes

If you’re as curious about your human existence as I am, I invite you to join me as I venture down another rabbit hole of self-exploration about the polarities we experience while on planet Earth. I begin entering these rabbit holes with practices I picked up long ago from a wise teacher I encountered. First, […]

Introducing: Living in the BlueSpace

As a man who has traveled the inner pathway over the last thirty years, studied under many masters, and died a thousand times, I discovered my true Self was within me all that time. Already whole and complete, my Self was awaiting my acknowledgment then its embodiment so it could be fully expressed through me. If […]