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Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Welcome to Reducing Your Carbon Footprint Course Summary: We tend to affect our environment, and many other aspects of our world, in ways we may be unaware of. In this Course, you will […]

Holistic Benefits of Nature – Sample Lesson

Welcome to Holistic Benefits of Nature  Course summary: In this lesson, you explore our mutually beneficial relationship with nature. You can complete the Relationship Wellbeing Course to learn more about creating a healthy […]

Awe and Wonder – Sample Lesson

Welcome to Awe and Wonder Course summary: You will be introduced to co-creating awe and wonder with nature. A full Course on nurturing our relationship with Earth will be coming soon.  Target […]

Implementing Zero Waste Strategies

Welcome to Implementing Zero Waste Strategies Course summary: You will learn how to foster a zero waste lifestyle, and identify and pursue your own zero waste plan. Why is the content of this […]