Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Welcome to Reducing Your Carbon Footprint Module Summary: We tend to affect our environment, and many other aspects of our world, in ways we may be unaware of. In this module, you will come to understand your carbon footprint, what it means, and how to make easy, but meaningful, changes to your lifestyle. At the end of each […]

Holistic Benefits of Nature – Sample Lesson

Welcome to Holistic Benefits of Nature  Module summary: In this lesson, you explore our mutually beneficial relationship with nature. You can complete the Relationship Wellbeing module to learn more about creating a healthy relationship with yourself and each other, too!  Type of learner: You are an adult who wishes to develop a deeper connection with yourself and others. […]

Awe and Wonder – Sample Lesson

Welcome to Awe and Wonder Module summary: You will be introduced to co-creating awe and wonder with nature. A full module on nurturing our relationship with Earth will be coming soon.  Target audience: You are an adult or youth seeking to connect with nature on a deeper level. Module logistics: One 1.5 hour session. Instructors: Rev. Dr. Lorakim […]

Implementing Zero Waste Strategies

Welcome to Implementing Zero Waste Strategies Module summary: You will learn how to foster a zero waste lifestyle, and identify and pursue your own zero waste plan. Why is the content of this module important? -So many of the comforts and conveniences of our daily lives come from manufacturing, production, or processes that can be harmful to Earth, […]