Embracing Change: Tapping Into Your Ability to Transform

Welcome to Embracing Change Embracing Change: Tapping Into Your Ability to Transform Making changes within ourselves can seem impossible. It can seem like we don’t deserve it. It can seem too hard with little certainty that life will be better after all the effort. It can seem too vulnerable, scary, or overwhelming. This course will help […]

Race Through Storytelling 2: Diving Into Stories

Welcome to Race Through Storytelling 2 Race Through Storytelling 2: Diving Into Stories In module one of RTS you began, or refreshed, your understanding of the social construction of race. You began thinking about how the stories in your life have shaped how you view the world. In this next part we will explore the different types of […]

6 Layers Towards Inner Joy

Welcome to 6 Layers Towards Inner Joy 6 Layers Towards Inner Joy In this module, we will explore six different layers that can get in our way of experiencing and creating joy. These six layers can also prevent us from mindfully experiencing happiness. While you work to unravel each of the 6 layers, you will learn practical skills, make […]

Relationship Wellbeing – Intergenerational

Welcome to Relationship Wellbeing – Intergenerational Relationship Wellbeing – Intergenerational Life is complicated, especially when it comes to dealing with our own and others’ emotions. This course will help you and your family, group, or community learn to create a healthy and rewarding relationship with yourselves and one another through knowledge and skill development. You’ll create new behaviors […]

Hearing for Healing

Welcome to Hearing4Healing Hearing for Healing Many of us are taught how to communicate, either in written or spoken language: public speaking, presentations, and writing letters, emails, and essays. Yet rarely are we taught to listen, especially when emotions are high. We are also not taught how to seek understanding without clouding the message with […]

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Welcome to Reducing Your Carbon Footprint Module Summary: We tend to affect our environment, and many other aspects of our world, in ways we may be unaware of. In this module, you will come to understand your carbon footprint, what it means, and how to make easy, but meaningful, changes to your lifestyle. At the end of each […]

Race Through Storytelling: Discovering Your Unique Story (Module 1)

Welcome to Race Through Storytelling, Module 1​ Module summary: We have all been exposed to many stories throughout our lives. Stories that we hold inside, and stories that we re-tell at every chance we get. Through this module you will unpack the stories you’ve been told, others that have been hidden, and ultimately your own, […]

Consciously Creating Wellness

Welcome to Consciously Creating Wellness Module summary: This course teaches you the power you hold in creating your life, leading you along the path towards personal responsibility and self-transformation. All aspects of holistic wellness are covered in this program. This is a great starting point if you are ready to take charge of your wellness and create […]

Implementing Zero Waste Strategies

Welcome to Implementing Zero Waste Strategies Module summary: You will learn how to foster a zero waste lifestyle, and identify and pursue your own zero waste plan. Why is the content of this module important? -So many of the comforts and conveniences of our daily lives come from manufacturing, production, or processes that can be harmful to Earth, […]

Navigating Anxiety

Welcome to Navigating Anxiety Module summary: This module is for anyone suffering from anxiety, overthinking, and overwhelm. You’ll discover new ways of thinking and navigating through your anxiety so you can experience more calm and joy with yourself and in your relationships. Introduction video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNOJrFREv0g Type of learner: Adults and youth struggling with anxiety. Module logistics: […]