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Welcome to Forgiveness Forgiveness Forgiveness can be quick and dramatic, it can even completely reverse the direction you have been traveling, but it is most likely to shift your direction. […]

Becoming a Professional Listener

Welcome to Becoming a Professional Listener Becoming a Professional Listener Our culture stresses the importance of “finding the right words” and “thinking before you speak” much more than it attempts to emphasize the […]

Race Through Storytelling 2: Diving Into Stories

Welcome to Race Through Storytelling 2 Race Through Storytelling 2: Diving Into Stories In module one of RTS you began, or refreshed, your understanding of the social construction of race. You began thinking […]

6 Layers Towards Inner Joy

Welcome to 6 Layers Towards Inner Joy 6 Layers Towards Inner Joy In this module, we will explore six different layers that can get in our way of experiencing and creating joy. These six […]

Relationship Wellbeing – Intergenerational

Welcome to Relationship Wellbeing – Intergenerational Relationship Wellbeing – Intergenerational Life is complicated, especially when it comes to dealing with our own and others’ emotions. This course will help you and your family, […]

Hearing for Healing

Welcome to Hearing4Healing Hearing for Healing Many of us are taught how to communicate, either in written or spoken language: public speaking, presentations, and writing letters, emails, and essays. Yet […]

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Welcome to Reducing Your Carbon Footprint Module Summary: We tend to affect our environment, and many other aspects of our world, in ways we may be unaware of. In this module, you will […]

Consciously Creating Wellness

Welcome to Consciously Creating Wellness Module summary: This course teaches you the power you hold in creating your life, leading you along the path towards personal responsibility and self-transformation. All aspects of […]