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Adventures In Self-Mastery

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Welcome to Adventures In Self-Mastery

Course summary:
No matter how hard we try, mastering our lives can sometimes feel impossible.  What we don’t realize is that mastery must begin within, aligning first with our soul to create balance and empowerment.  From this more authentic place, we can create a more loving and holistic reality for ourselves. 
Why is the content of this Course important? -Practitioners of self-mastery have tapped into the Source of all things and apply their skills with applying universal principles and their soul’s essence to lovingly resolve and bring into balance aspects of themselves. Practicing these skills, brings about an authentic self-empowerment from which a more loving and holistic reality emerges.

Type of learner: Adult men and women at least 18 years old interested in remembering ways of being to turn their trials into triumphs.
Course logistics: Weekly meetings. Each session is from 7:00 to 8:30 pm starting mid-May. Free intro lessons will be open attendance, June 8 and 22, then program starts for 12 weeks starting July 6.
Instructor: Albert Moore is a mentor to individuals and study groups wanting to apply the creative process to their lives to lead creatively self-empowered lives, author, artist, and keynote speaker. He is retired after a 40 year career as architect and urban designer.

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