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Navigating Anxiety – Sample Lesson

Welcome to the sample lesson from Navigating Anxiety 

Course summary:
You will learn about cognitive distortions in this sample lesson, "Cognitive Distortions and Real-time CBT." See the full Navigating Anxiety Course to learn about anxiety through a Cognitive Behavior Theory model. You will learn how to move through your anxieties and fears, change automatic negative thoughts, and let go of self-defeating beliefs that are the source of your anxieties and worries. 

Type of learner: You are an adult who wishes to develop a deeper connection with yourself and others.

Course logistics: One 30 minute sample session.

Instructor: Kai Tai Kevin Qiu, MD, Transformational Coach & Yoga Teacher.
MD turned Transformational Coach and Yin Yoga & Meditation Teacher. I empower single mothers to heal from having narcissistic parents so they can take FULL CONTROL of their life, set healthy boundaries, and stop passing on the pain to their children.

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