Thriving together through vibrant connections.


Earth Care Resources

Spend time with Earth

Be present with, savor, and appreciate Earth’s plants, animals and minerals.

Show gratitude to Earth

Act with the understanding that Earth provides your only home and sustenance.

Show kindness to Earth

Support sustainable practices, beautify and improve, minimize waste, recycle.

Celebrate Earth

Celebrate Earth Harness creativity to express your love for Earth.

Pray or meditate on Earth's Healing

Direct your energy towards your greatest hopes for Earth’s healing.

Awaken connection and joy

We are part of Earth. Reawaken that bond and savor it.

Involve Others

Bring your loved ones along to make the experience even more memorable.

Featured Project: Show Love Social Media Campaign

With our Show Love social media campaign, the Foundation for Family and Community Healing invited people everywhere to cherish Earth and provide social, emotional, and spiritual support for Earth’s healing.

We use our social media to promote these ideas and encouraged you to participate and Show Love along with us.

Brown Thumbs Turn Green

Follow Dr. Susanna Calvert and Dr. Kimberly Andrews, two brown thumb “gardeners,” on their journey to feed themselves in partnership with Earth.

Learn more about how you can use home gardening to strengthen your relationship with Earth and feed the Earth as you feed yourself.

Eco-Grief and Healing: A Conversation with Gaia

Experience our Earth Day 2021 event, a virtual discussion featuring a diverse panel of experts exploring Earth topics.

This discussion includes quantum physics and Gaia consciousness, climate change and the collective unconscious, spiritual and psychological grief, healing in partnership with Earth, and more.

Earth's Eden

Join us as we explore a native plant and butterfly paradise created by Karl Green and Chris Burnside in Richmond VA.

Digging Deeper

Join along as we visit with experts to learn more about Earth-healthy topics and delve further into our healing relationship with Earth.

In this series, we invite you to discover how you can feed yourself using gardening methods that are sustainable and replenishing for our planet.

Richmond Earth Series

Please join us for the Richmond Earth and Healing Series, where we host zoom sessions featuring speakers and videos on topics related to environmental justice, conservation, Earth, and healing practices. 

The series is a partnership between the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Richmond Earth Ministry and the Foundation for Family and Community Healing. 


Join us for a guided meditation to remember and re-establish the ancient bond that exists between Earth and human.

Our Body, Our Earth

In this video series, Dr. Susanna Calvert explores the parallels between the human body and its physiology, and that of Earth’s.

Sunday Worship Service

Experience an online worship service in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic offered by First Unitarian Universalist Church of Richmond, VA, with our own Susanna Calvert.