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Finding Our Fit with Ally Fisher & Bryan Herrick, Sitting in the Muck – Substance Recovery Work isn’t Pretty, but it’s So Worth It

On this episode of Finding Our Fit, Ally Fisher talks to guest Bryan Herrick about his mental health and substance abuse journey, and how he is now working to transform the lives of others.

Bryan Herrick is Director of Program Development for Vital Health in Maumee, Ohio, Addiction and Recovery Specialist with TOPUCU, Owner/CEO of Eleven 23 Consulting, and the Compliance Affiliate with Healspace Recovery Housing in Toledo, Ohio.

He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and holds multiple professional licenses in addiction and mental health in the state of Ohio.

Bryan is a formerly incarcerated person, 10 years in recovery, who has devoted his life to helping treat substance use disorders and mental illness. Having experienced addiction, incarceration, and mental health symptoms first-hand, he works to spread a message of hope, inspiration and transformation.