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Finding Our Fit with Ally Fisher & Katie Albee, The Healing Healer

On this episode of Finding Our Fit, Ally Fisher talks to guest Katie Albee. We will be discussing the healing process, what it means to be a healer, and how creativity and community are integrated into the process.

Katie started with Life Wheel Coaching in 2017. She quickly found that all areas of life are connected, and if one area is affected, it affects all areas. She discovered that there are many layers to healing, and began her Holistic and Esoteric Health journeys. This launched Katie’s research with Quantum Healing, Energy Work, and understanding healing by regenerating at the cellular level as the pathway through whole body wellbeing. She has witnessed the value of addressing our emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental body at the root, and customizes an approach to facilitate healing from the inside out. She founded her business, Root Awakening, as a physical location in Eugene, Oregon, and is honored and grateful to support clients globally that are ready to remove these root blocks to expand into who they came here to be.