Thriving together through vibrant connections.


A Unique Approach

We focus on developing the skills needed to create healthy, rewarding and holistic relationships, spanning the spectrum of the relationships we have.

Why it matters

We are citizens of humanity and Earth, but our learning seems to be focused on helping us be successful students or employees.

Our solution

The Foundation for Family and Community Healing believes in the power of behavioral change compared to  academic courses. We  offer online educational Courses, events and resources  that help us build the skills needed to be thriving citizens of our human and Earth communities!.

About Variable Tuition

One of our core values is that relationship education should be accessible to everyone. Therefore, we are offering access to many of our Courses on a sliding scale (variable tuition) where learners name their own tuition.  The recommended tuition level is at a price that enables us to sustain our ability to offer you these high quality and transformative learning opportunities.  However, we ask that you pay given your ability, whether greater (the sky’s the limit if you can pay it forward!) or less than (as low as $0 if necessary) the suggested price.


We offer online educational Courses that help us build the skills needed to be thriving citizens of our human and Earth communities.


We offer educational events that promote and encourage awareness and engagement through knowledge and personal skill development.


Our blog supports the journey to create healthy, positive and rewarding relationships with ourselves, each other, Earth and the loving force greater than ourselves.

Additional Resources and Support

Access additional video and website resources to learn more about how to cultivate positive relationships with other and the natural world all around us.