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Our families and communities are in crisis, but the problem is so complex, it’s hard to know what to do.

We’re here to help you and your community.

Our skill development courses help us change our minds, and more importantly our behaviors, so that we can thrive together and be more resilient in our homes, schools, and workplaces.

Our user-friendly, self-guided learning courses are here to take the complexity out of skill development.

Continue below to start learning, or contact us to learn about a subscription and/or live workshops for your workplace, organization or school.

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Our flagship course:

Relationship Wellbeing – Adult

for adults seeking to cultivate thriving and positive connections. This program equips you with fundamental relationship skills, empowering you to achieve success and embrace a fulfilling life.

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This sample lesson is about identifying and using your strengths


This lesson uses a cognitive behavioral theory model, helping you move through your anxieties

Benefits of

This lesson aims to inspire you to embrace holistic wellbeing by nurturing your connection with nature

Awe and Wonder

This sample lesson introduces learners to co-creating awe and wonder with nature

All Courses: Learning to thrive together

Relationship Wellbeing — Adult

Relationship Wellbeing — Youth

Relationship Wellbeing — Intergenerational

Navigating Anxiety

Hearing for Healing

Happiness 101

Zero Waste


Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Embracing Change: Tapping Into Your Ability to Transform

Race Through Storytelling: Discovering Your Unique Story(Course 1)

Race Through Storytelling 2: Diving Into Stories

Consciously Creating Wellness

Becoming a Professional Listener

6 Layers Towards Inner Joy

Science of Mindsets: Implications for Athletes to Strengthen Their Mental Game
Discover Your Inner Wealth: The S/Hero’s Journey

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