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Our Gifted Community

Many wonderful people connected to the Foundation for Family and Community Healing have gifts to offer! Here is information about some of them.

Speaking and Consulting

Susanna Wu-Pong Calvert, MAPP, PhD is Founder and Convener for Mission and Vision with the Foundation for Family and Community Healing. As an experienced and credentialed facilitator and coach in leadership, professional, and personal development, Susanna’s superpower is seeing the highest potential in others and helping them to bring it to reality. Her specialty is in fostering wellbeing and success in individuals and organizations, and purpose-driven leadership and inspiring speeches based on her vision for our beautiful future.

Dr. Calvert is a visionary, purpose-driven leader, coach, consultant, speaker, writer, and entrepreneur who inspires and enables others to make our beautiful future a reality together.

 Her mission is to help individuals, organizations, and communities to become their highest selves and fulfill their deepest, most authentic purpose – our spark within that creates ripples throughout.

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You can experience hypnotherapy involving Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives, Quantum Consciousness and Galactic Reunion Sessions. Faith Grieger uses guided relaxation in the beginning of each session to bring you to a deeply peaceful, open state where positive change happens.

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As a master hypnotherapist I am shown every day that our eternal souls are on a beautiful journey of learning and growth. It’s a gift of grace that we now have the opportunity to explore other lifetimes to reclaim the wisdom which lies within the vast storehouse of our eternal mind. I’d love to guide you to other experiences of yourself that are relevant to and will assist you in your current life.

Fine Art

Artist Debbie Arnold uses intuitive painting to explore spirituality and create lush, organic works of art. Her unique painting process starts without plans or preconceived ideas. She creates a randomly layered, paint-filled background and then allows images to come to life out of the void. 

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Debbie Arnold grew up in Asheville, North Carolina surrounded by the Appalachian Mountains.  The beauty of the lush natural landscape helped to inspire her life long passion for art and has greatly influenced her work. Arnold studied art at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC with a major in Commercial Art and minor in Fine Art.


Soul Support Systems is dedicated to bringing the Heart and Soul into the mainstream of the world, providing tools and experiences to empower your life. Soul Support’s experiential spiritual programs, educational classes and materials offer a template for fully embracing yourself.

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Flo Aeveia Magdalena is the founder and Executive Director of Soul Support Systems, a 501C3 that provides experiential education and training in connecting with and listening to our soul. Flo’s work inspires the creation and expression of each soul’s uniqueness, which then supports us in living from our soul’s design.

Flo trains teachers and facilitators to assist others to live from their soul’s calling, certifying them to offer programs that she has developed such as Soul Recognition, Circuitry Alignment, HeartThread sessions and One Brain Connection  Consultations.


Work with Dr. Kai Tai Kevin Qui to take control of your life. Learn to say “no”, set healthy boundaries, and stop people pleasing. Participate in mindfulness mediations, self-love exercises, and yoga sessions with his guidance. 

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Kai is a MD turned online Transformational Coach, Yin Yoga and Meditation Teacher, and a social media inspirer. He has been working with women and mothers heal from having narcissistic parents so they can take full control of their life, set healthy boundaries (like learn how to say “no”), and stop people pleasing. He offers weekly live guided meditations, coffee & coaching sessions, and Yin Yoga events on new moons and full moons.


Explore the work of Dr. Sarah D Norton, a scholar, writer, and content creator with expertise in the psychology of the unconscious. 

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Experience her publication, The Rose in the World, at

Sarah D. Norton, holds a MA and PhD in Depth Psychology with an emphasis in Jungian and archetypal psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. As a certified Dream Group Facilitator through the Haden Institute in North Carolina, she has a passion for dreams, archetypal images, and for cultivating a relationship with the unconscious.  Sarah is also the editor of The Rose in the World, a biannual publication, which is dedicated to sharing creative works of all kinds inspired by dreams, spirituality, and divine Wisdom.


Être applies a thoroughly modern approach to the communications industry in order to deliver the unexpected. Their boutique model and business philosophy calls for an alliance with only a handful of select client partners. You can work with Être for branding, digital marketing, and public relations. 

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Leslie Strickler is an international marketing and branding consultant with an eye for the big picture. She founded Être over twenty years ago with the goal of helping her clients to be who they want to be. She has carried this vision forward with CEOs and business leaders to entrepreneurs and celebrities. A skillful navigator inside and out of the business realm, Leslie pulls from her experience in public relations, branding, marketing, and sales. She has lead regional, national and international initiatives for startups, corporations large and small, as well as individuals. 


Eyes In The Mirror: Everything Changed When He Met His Soul by storyteller, Albert Moore begins with a man and his family in crisis. Early in this event Zach Morgan (based on Albert), has an accident. Unconscious, he is transported to the dimension where Souls design their human incarnations. Through a series of initiations, Zach learns why his life has seemed so challenging. Now having transformed from an angry young man into a tender and compassionate being, Zach earns the right to experience New Earth where people live in unity with all things. He remembers that loving himself converts all his trials into triumphs. Learn more about Eyes in the Mirror here.

Albert Moore is a life-long student of the creative process. He’s also studied energy work, sacred geometry, metaphysics and universal principles.  Albert’s experience creating mutually beneficial relationships in life and business allows him to mentor and guide people of all walks of life because he’s learned to see and support a person’s Soul.


Experience evolutionary astrology mentorship and discover your essence with Isaac George. George’s approach is uniquely tuned to the spiritual and energetic signature, promoting the discovery of how to heal your past and access hidden skills and gifts.

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Isaac is an internationally recognized intuitive mentor/coach, evolutionary astrologer, conscious channel, self-published author and musician. After a life-altering spontaneous kundalini awakening in 1994 he explored various healing modalities, including hypnotherapy and Reiki. In 1998 he began spontaneously channelling Archangel Ariel and other dimensional intelligences. He is deeply versed in Tantra and sacred sexuality philosophies and practices as a gateway to greater integration and joy between our human and spiritual natures.

Radio Advertising

Michael Holmes’ voice speaks for itself – literally. 

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Michael Holmes is a writer / producer / voice talent of 30 years’ experience.  He creates retail commercials, explainer / instructional / educational videos, projects for government and corporations, having done projects for Billy Graham, Merck & Co., and production for major cable networks.