Thriving together through vibrant connections.


Partner With Us

The Foundation for Family & Community Healing seeks partners who share our vision of creating a better world through vibrant connections.  Find out how you can be a part of the work we’re doing and help us thrive together.

Social Media Partners

We are seeking organizations that have a shared mission and  wish to cross-promote on social media and/or partner in social media events.

Educators and Topic Experts

We also seek educators who wish to share their knowledge and skills on these topics with our audiences (adolescents and adults) using our platform.

Education Partners

We are seeking organizations, educational institutions, and/or programs that serve youth and/or adults who are willing to help us test our materials for development. Educational partners will enjoy free access to our products during testing and development phases.

Organizational Partners and Sponsors

We are seeking organizations who wish to partner with us to support relationship skill education for their own or poorly resourced communities. The Tuition Optional Program is available for schools and nonprofits. Contact us to learn more.

Working together for greater impact

Together with our current partners, we’re hard at work in our community spreading our message of showing love and building impactful relationships.

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