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Complementing Emotional Wellbeing Skills Weave a Fabric of Emotional Support 

I felt myself, and witnessed other participants, hit a pinnacle “aha moment” about halfway through facilitating our Relationship Wellbeing course. When I look at myself from multiple angles (strengths, values, awareness, wandering mind), it becomes clear how these emotional wellbeing skills work together to build a support system or safety net for me. I have a better grasp on how I want to approach day to day living.  More good minutes each day make for good years; who doesn’t want that? 

If you only needed one tool to feel happy, healthy, and free, what do you think it would be for you? 

When I ask people what they do or wish they were doing to unwind, the answers vary drastically. If each person has a different ideal place or method of resetting, why assume there is one right skill or practice for each of us? People change, circumstances change, and life isn’t a one size fits all. The Relationship Wellbeing course offers a variety of different skills for you to practice and see what is right for you, because only you know.  

Catherine Hunt is the Director of Facilitation at the Foundation for Family and Community Healing as well as a certified mindfulness and yoga instructor through Mindful Leader and Yoga Alliance.