Thriving together through vibrant connections.

Empowering you to create healthy, positive and rewarding relationships

The Foundation for Family and Community Healing is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization with the passionate mission of helping us all to create healthy and rewarding relationships with self, others, Earth, and the loving force that connects us.


Our modules help you build the skills needed to be a thriving citizen of our human and Earth communities.


Relationship Wellbeing for Youth (Middle / Highschool)

The Relationship Wellbeing Youth module helps young people create healthy and vibrant connections with themselves and each other. You will learn basic relationship skills so you can be successful and live your best life! 

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Happiness 101

The Happiness 101 module helps you thrive by creating practices that promote wellbeing in your life, using scientific principles.

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Healing for Ourselves and Earth

A mediation series focused on healing and caring for ourselves and Earth.

Sponsored by the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Richmond’s Earth Ministry and the Foundation for Family and Community Healing.

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Speaker and Discussion

Eco-Grief and Healing: A Conversation with Gaia

This Earth Day Event will include topics such as quantum physics and Gaia consciousness, climate change and the collective unconscious, spiritual and psychological grief, healing in partnership with Earth, and more!

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Educational events that help you build skills to be a thriving citizen of our human and Earth communities.

Working together for greater impact

We’re hard at work in our community spreading our message of showing love and building impactful relationships.
Find out how you can be a part of the work we’re doing and help us thrive together.

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