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Our mission is to empower us all to create healthy, positive, rewarding relationships with ourselves, each other, Earth, and the loving force greater than ourselves so that we may all thrive together.


Flexible learning solutions for individuals, families, schools, and workplaces.

Skill development helps learners change their behavior, and change their world. 

Our self-guided, self-facilitating learning modules take the guesswork out of skill development. 

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Develop your relationship skills through our multi-lesson self-guided modules.  They’re offered on a sliding-scale tuition, so you can access them regardless of your financial capacity.

Basic Skill Modules


Relationship Wellbeing — Adult

The Relationship Wellbeing Adult module is for adults to learn to create healthy and vibrant connections with themselves and each other. You will learn basic relationship skills so you can be successful and live your best life!


Relationship Wellbeing – Youth

The Relationship Wellbeing Youth module is for young people to learn to create healthy and vibrant connections with themselves and each other. You will learn basic relationship skills so you can be successful and live your best life!


Relationship Wellbeing – Intergenerational

The Relationship Wellbeing Intergenerational module is for families, communities, and groups of all ages to learn together to create healthy and vibrant connections to themselves and each other.


Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

We tend to affect our environment, and many other aspects of our world, in ways we may be unaware of. In this module, you will come to understand your carbon footprint, what it means, and how to make easy, but meaningful, changes to your lifestyle.


Race Through Storytelling: Discovering Your Unique Story (Module 1)

Through this module you will unpack the stories you’ve been told, others that have been hidden, and ultimately your own, to gain a better understanding of Race & Racism in the United States. This is part one of a three module series.


Race Through Storytelling 2: Diving Into Stories

In module 1, you began thinking about how the stories in your life have shaped how you view the world. In this next part we will explore the different types of stories we have experienced and how power privileges the stories of the few, while dominating the stories of many.


Navigating Anxiety

This module is for anyone suffering from anxiety, overthinking, and overwhelm. You’ll discover new ways of thinking and a new way of navigating through your anxiety so you can experience more calm and joy with yourself and in your relationships.


Implementing Zero Waste Strategies

Learn how to foster a zero waste lifestyle, and identify and pursue your own zero waste plan.


Hearing for Healing

Many of us are taught how to communicate, either in written or spoken language. We are also not taught how to seek understanding without clouding the message with our own preferences ...


Happiness 101

The Happiness 101 module is for adults to learn from the science of wellbeing how to thrive by creating practices that promote wellbeing in their lives.



Forgiveness can be quick and dramatic, it can even completely reverse the direction you have been traveling, but it is most likely to shift your direction. Work through practical exercises with the goal of becoming a more forgiving individual. Learn how to forgive, applying a five-step method to "REACH Forgiveness” and apply them to a variety of hurts.


Embracing Change: Tapping Into Your Ability to Transform

Making changes within ourselves can seem impossible. This course will help you shift your resistance to change so that you can embrace it and all the possibilities and benefits that come with it. Join us to learn how to drop your resistance and prime yourself to become your happiest, most authentic self!


Consciously Creating Wellness

This module will guide you in examining the difference between conscious and unconscious decision making and the effects these have on your well being.


Becoming a Professional Listener

Listening is the first skill we learn. Even so, it is the least taught. In this module, you will assess your listening currently, then learn strategies, tactics, and habits which will allow you to cultivate an overall mindset that enables you to become a "professional listener."


6 Layers Towards Inner Joy

Explore six different layers that can get in our way of experiencing and creating joy. While you work to unravel each of the 6 layers, you will learn practical skills, make behavioral goals, and encounter alternate perceptions which will offer you an abundance of joy, creativity, and freedom.

Sample Lessons

Though our Basic Skill Modules are available on a sliding scale tuition, perhaps you’d like to try them out before committing.  Discover how you can deepen your learning with our beautiful and interactive modules! Each lesson is 30-60 minutes in length.


Strengths – Sample Lesson

This sample lesson is about identifying and using your strengths. It is similar to the corresponding strengths lesson in the Relationship Wellbeing and Happiness 101 modules. Please see the full modules to learn to create healthy relationship skills and vibrant connections and/or to foster your overall wellbeing.


Navigating Anxiety – Sample Lesson

You will learn about cognitive distortions in this sample lesson from the Navigating Anxiety module. Please see the full module to learn about anxiety through a Cognitive Behaviour Theory model, how to move through your anxieties and fears, and change automatic negative thoughts and let go of self-defeating beliefs that are the source of their anxieties and worries.


Holistic Benefits of Nature – Sample Lesson

This sample lesson about holistic wellbeing with nature is a sample from the Relationship Wellbeing module. In this lesson, we explore our mutually beneficial relationship with nature. Please see the Relationship Wellbeing module to learn more about also creating a healthy relationship with yourself and each other.


Awe and Wonder – Sample Lesson

This sample lesson introduces learners to co-creating awe and wonder with nature. A full module on nurturing our relationship with Earth will be coming soon.