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Organizations that support mental health see a return of $4 for every dollar invested, according to a 2021 study by the Safety Council and the University of Chicago.

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Our mission is to empower us all to create healthy, positive, rewarding relationships with ourselves, each other, Earth, and the loving force greater than ourselves.


The Foundation for Family and Community Healing promotes values such as love, peace, respect, inclusion, fairness, listening, learning and connection.


Our purpose is to help everyone become strong and resilient in times of change, so that we may thrive together as a human family.


The Foundation for Family and Community Healing promotes and encourages awareness, engagement and right action through knowledge and personal skill development.


The Mayor’s Youth Academy (MYA) and the Office of Community Wealth Building had the privileged of working with The Foundation for Family and Community Healing (FFCH) during the summer 2022 work experience program. Over 200 youth ages 14-19 completed the Relationship Wellbeing youth basic skills module. This module was incorporated into the summer work experience pre-employment training model and aided the youth’s overall personal and professional development. The youth who completed these modules reported that they increased their self-esteem and demonstrated the importance of developing positive relationships in the workplace and school. In addition, the team at FFCH was easy to work with, responsive, and provided exceptional support throughout the process. The MYA team and the Office of Community Wealth Building are lucky to have such a committed partner.
Lerone Joseph
Program Manager Mayor’s Youth Academy Office of Community Wealth Building