Thriving together through vibrant connections.



The Foundation for Family and Community Healing embraces the creation of healthy relationships as central to thriving in this world.

We believe we are vitally alive when we acknowledge and live from a place of intimate connection with ourselves, our friends, family, and Earth.  We realize we are all one, connected by a divine loving force that comprises and encompasses everything.

We also believe that aggression, greed, abuse, and injustice cause a level of trauma that inhibits positive forward movement and is harmful to ourselves, each other, and our beautiful living planet.

Furthermore, we believe that all parts of Earth (plants, animals, and minerals), including humanity, are equally integral to the health of our planet and communities.

Therefore, we believe that we all have the responsibility to participate in care for ourselves, each other, and Earth through the creation of healthy relationships so as to foster a prosperous whole.


Our mission is to empower us all to create healthy, positive, rewarding relationships with ourselves, each other, Earth, and the loving force greater than ourselves.


Our purpose is to help everyone become strong and resilient in times of change, so that we may thrive together as a human family.


The Foundation for Family and Community Healing promotes values such as love, peace, respect, inclusion, fairness, listening, learning and connection.


The Foundation for Family and Community Healing promotes and encourages awareness, engagement and right action through knowledge and personal skill development.

Our Founder

Over the past 25 years in higher education as a teacher, coach, and a faculty and student development professional, Dr. Susanna Wu-Pong Calvert has taught and counseled hundreds of students and faculty members on interpersonal relationships and personal development. Susanna spent most of her life playing the game of creating a successful life… a PhD in pharmaceutical chemistry, tenure at a major university, a McMansion and 2 kids, only to realize that these things did not bring happiness. She learned over time that relationships are the most important thing in our lives, but few, including Susanna, are taught how to create rewarding relationships in our personal and professional lives; this was particularly evident to Susanna while observing many young people ill-equipped to manage emotional and relationship challenges. After decades fostering professional and personal development in students, staff, and faculty at Virginia Commonwealth University and University of Georgia, a degree in applied positive psychology (MAPP), and several coaching credentials, Susanna became inspired to bring mental, emotional, and relationship education to students and communities beyond higher education through this unique Foundation.

Our inspiration

The inspiration of this Foundation came from the life work and legacies of two individuals.

Christopher Lee Calvert came from a family that struggled through generations to build supportive and lasting relationships. In his adulthood, he created a group of friends and family that exhibits the loving, supportive relationships that all humans need and crave. His hope was to eventually reunite all parts of his own family by bridging divides and healing the wounds which separated them. These efforts were cut short by his untimely death.

Sabina Wu also devoted her life to supporting and uniting families and communities, and her work was cut short in the same manner. Her absence is felt across her family and the communities she served including the schools of New York City, her church, and the Tuck Alumni Association.

We will extend their work and legacies across all families and communities.

Our passionate team

As an intentional community, we’re committed to supporting one another’s flourishing.

Meet the people behind The Foundation for Family and Community Healing.