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Climate Change: You’re More Powerful Than You Know

I admit I’m a worrier.  I don’t worry about some things, like do I need to bring a jacket or umbrella?  Will I enjoy this trip or this conference?  Will they like me? I don’t worry about those things because they’re relatively inconsequential.

I worry about the big things.  Do I have enough money?  Did I pay my bills (I’m worried about my credit rating)?  Am I getting my physical symptom checked out and cared for in a timely manner?  Am I making my employer look good and feel proud of me?  When something has major potential consequences, I worry and I take the conservative approach.  I want to head off the problem before it even begins, thus I sleep well at night.

Please forgive me for indulging my worry wart self for a minute because there is an issue that I feel merits worrying:  climate change.  I’m not going to take sides about the man-made or natural cause argument.  To me, that’s like indulging in the blame game and ignoring that there is a problem to be solved.  I feel most people agree that there is cause for concern about the environmental trajectory that we are on.  I am taking a stand right now to state that we should do all we can because we can’t afford to be wrong.

Isn’t that right?  We can’t afford to be wrong.

I might choose to hedge my bets and decline car or health insurance,  choosing instead to be super careful to not get sick or in a car accident.  But I can’t afford to be wrong.  All it takes is one careless driver or a merciless disease or illness to overtake me financially and physically. 

Climate change is such an issue that we shouldn’t ignore.  We shouldn’t pretend that it will be fine if we do nothing or just pay lip service.  There’s too much at stake and I’d rather do everything humanly possible to give us the best possible chance at helping Earth to heal than to be wrong about this, and lose sleep, or worse, the only home we’ve ever known. 

Committing to doing all I can means that I have hope; ignoring the problem means there’s no hope because I’ve already given up.

Here’s where I’m hopeful and where I am not.

I’m hopeful because the technology being developed can make great changes and improvements in our carbon footprint, emissions, and recycling.  Where I’m not hopeful is the political and social will to implement these technologies to the extent and within the time frame that is needed to have a meaningful impact given the recent UN report on climate change urgency.

I’m hopeful because I believe that we have opportunity to provide a more holistic solution to the cause by including emotional and spiritual support to the physical strategies for Earth healing.  Where I’m less hopeful is that our cynicism might get in the way of getting on board with this meaningful solution even though it doesn’t cost any time or money.  It just requires us to change our mind.

I’m hopeful because I know that we’re more powerful than we know.  I know that our collective will and spirit can change anything.  I know that a miracle is possible and that we can help create it if we’re willing to have faith and work together. 

I know that we can turn this around, regardless of the cause of climate change, and help to create the conditions that Earth needs to heal.  In so doing, we can also help to heal our health and social issues that result from environmental distress.

I know we can do it, but we need everyone on board.  One person’s prayers don’t go very far, but I know there are prayer circles everywhere full of people I have never met, since they mobilized to help Christopher’s cancer regress. 

I’m calling all prayer circles and prayerful individuals to pray for Earth’s healing.

I’m calling to all those who meditate to focus on Earth’s healing and imagine Earth restored to her former abundance, health, and beauty. 

I’m calling for everyone to ask everyone they know to do the same.

I’m calling for everyone to do this because it’s the right thing to do, even if I’m wrong about the potential outcome.

Earth is our beloved Mother, and she deserves our love and support right now.  She’s cared for us our entire lives, and it’s our turn to care for her.  Don’t you think we can all at least say a prayer for her every day?

We can’t afford to be wrong on this.  And we’re more powerful than we know.  We can create a miracle for both her and for us, and add a spiritual solution to the physical ones in place. 

It’s the right thing to do right now.

Please join me.