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Science of Mindsets: Implications for Athletes to Strengthen Their Mental Game

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Welcome to Science of Mindsets: Implications for Athletes to Strengthen Their Mental Game

Science of Mindsets: Implications for Athletes to Strengthen Their Mental Game

This course delves deep into the psychology behind mindsets, offering athletes invaluable insights. In this course, you will learn more about the mind’s dynamic influence on the body, how to harness the power of thoughts and beliefs, and optimize performance.

Course Details:

Our courses are interactive, multi-media online courses with multiple lessons on a variety of topics. 

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Goals for the Learner: In this course, you will learn how to optimize your mental game by developing a greater awareness of how to build tiny habits into your player development to harness the power of your inner voice, apply your unique strengths, and learn strategies and tools to access to help you stay poised under pressure. You will develop greater self-awareness of your mindset about stress and learn how small changes in your mindset can empower you to elevate your performance.
Type of Learner: High-performance athletes — high school or collegiate.
Course Logistics: This course will take you through six interactive multimedia lessons to optimize the dynamic relationship between mind and body. The introductory lesson invites you to create a learning plan that fits your schedule. Ideally, you could do a lesson a week or every other week. Each lesson asks for less than 45 minutes of your commitment and reflection.
Suggested Tuition: $50
Instructor: Tammy Darling, Ed.D. is an optimistic educator, wellness practitioner, parent of two club sport athletes, and a mindset scholar. She has an M.A. in Psychology and is a certified Wellbeing Officer. Tammy believes in the power of psychology to reveal to us life worth living. Tammy has worked in high school classrooms for over two decades and knows the seismic changes in adolescents’ schedules. She has provided students with tools and resources to help close the gap between research and practical domains. These tools, grounded in psychology, can promote greater motivation, optimism, resilience, and energy.

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