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Embracing Change: Tapping Into Your Ability to Transform

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Welcome to Embracing Change

Embracing Change: Tapping Into Your Ability to Transform

Making changes within ourselves can seem impossible. It can seem like we don’t deserve it. It can seem too hard with little certainty that life will be better after all the effort. It can seem too vulnerable, scary, or overwhelming. This course will help you shift your resistance to change so that you can embrace it and all the possibilities and benefits that come with it. Join us to learn how to drop your resistance and prime yourself to become your happiest, most authentic self! Why is the content of this Course important? Our beliefs, thought patterns, and emotional triggers can keep us stuck in life, yet we’re not taught how to find their underlying causes and change them for good. In this Course we will help you do just that, move forward and embrace change.

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Course Details:

Our Courses are interactive, multi-media online courses with multiple lessons on a variety of topics. 

They are accessible 24/7, from anywhere with an Internet connection.

  • Goals for the learner: The overall goal of this Course is to revamp underlying beliefs that can sabotage our efforts to make positive changes in our lives. This Course will help you clear beliefs that have you stuck in habits and thought patterns that don’t serve anymore. With these practices under your belt, you will also be able to take in and retain more benefits from the other Courses on this site.
  • Type of learner: Adults and youth wanting change who struggle to successfully incorporate new habits into one or more aspects of life.  Anyone who is new to personal development, as well as anyone who is on their journey of self-development but have plateaued or are eager to grow more.
  • Course logistics: One week of introductory lessons, followed by 8, 45-minute, sessions taken at weekly intervals with daily, 10-minute tapping exercises in between.
  • Suggested tuition: $125
  • Instructor: Lisa Nichols is a two-time bestselling author, business coach, Reiki Master, and certified EFT tapping practitioner. A former journalist and corporate Vice President, Lisa has led hundreds of transformative projects in Fortune 100 companies and community organizations.
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