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Forgiveness can be quick and dramatic, it can even completely reverse the direction you have been traveling, but it is most likely to shift your direction. This shift might be small, but it will be important. This small change can take you to a different place than you might be headed currently. Whether it is a transformation or a gradual change, forgiveness can take you on a journey to a better place.

Course Details:

Our Courses are interactive, multi-media online courses with multiple lessons on a variety of topics. 

They are accessible 24/7, from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Goals for the Learner: In this Course, you will work through practical exercises with the goal of becoming a more forgiving individual. You will learn how to forgive, applying a five-step method to “REACH Forgiveness” in relation to transgressions you have experienced. Once you have learned the five steps, you will apply them to a variety of hurts. By doing so, you can broaden your forgiving character. You can truly become a person who has few unresolved hurts and who can resolve new hurts quickly and thoroughly.

Type of Learner: Anyone looking to forgive a particular hurt, high school age or older. 

Course Logistics: This Course can be completed in a month, or, if you prefer to extend your reflection time, you can take up to 6 weeks for completion. We suggest you take a few days to set up your learning program with help of the introduction, then take an hour to do each section with further daily reflections of 10-15 minutes every day for 2-3 days (up to a week) in between sections. 

Suggested Tuition: $75

Instructor: Everett Worthington is Commonwealth Professor Emeritus since his retirement from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2017. He is still affiliated with the Department of Psychology. His research and writing focuses on forgiveness and other virtues, religion and spirituality, and issues related to marriage and family. He has been a leader in the field of forgiveness research for more than 30 years. The workbook which this Course is based on has been studied and distributed with success to thousands of users all over the world.

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