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Hearing for Healing

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Hearing for Healing

Many of us are taught how to communicate, either in written or spoken language: public speaking, presentations, and writing letters, emails, and essays. Yet rarely are we taught to listen, especially when emotions are high. We are also not taught how to seek understanding without clouding the message with our own preferences, biases, and limited understanding of ourselves and our world. It’s no surprise that the chasms between us seem to keep growing despite our best intentions.

Course Details:

Our Courses are interactive, multi-media online courses with multiple lessons on a variety of topics. 

They are accessible 24/7, from anywhere with an Internet connection.

In the Hearing4Healing Course, we seek to bridge the chasms that divide us by helping us all learn to listen deeply.  In this 6 part Course, you will learn about the barriers and opportunities for deep listening, observe role plays, and begin your own listening practice.

Type of learner:  High school and adult

Logistics:  Weekly, or spaced with enough time to practice between lessons

Suggested Tuition: $75.

Instructors: Susanna Calvert, PhD, Founder and Convener, Mission and Vision, Foundation for Family and Community Healing.

Lisa Berman, PhD, a licensed clinical psychologist practicing in Richmond, VA.

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