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Relationship Wellbeing — Adult

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Welcome to Relationship Wellbeing

Module summary.
Life is complicated, especially when it comes to dealing with our own and others' emotions.  This course will help you learn to create a healthy and rewarding relationship with yourself and others through knowledge and skill development. You'll create new behaviors that will open up the possibilities for you and those around you. Join us in learning relationship skills so you can be successful and live your best life!
Why is the content of this module important? -Healthy relationships are key to our ability to have a good life, yet few of us are taught how to create healthy and rewarding relationships.
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Type of learner: You are an adult who wishes to develop a deeper connection with yourself and others.

Module logistics: Twelve 1 hour sessions taken at 1 week intervals, with daily, 10-minute skill development reflections.

Suggested tuition: $150.

Instructor: Susanna Calvert, Founder and Convener, Mission and Vision, Foundation for Family and Community Healing. Dr. Calvert founded FFCH after a 26-year career in academia as a professor, administrator, and facilitator for personal and professional development. She has a passion for helping all to become the best version of themselves within their families, communities, and Earth.

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