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Earth, the Center of Our World

Sometimes we don’t notice or appreciate a truth that surrounds us. Sometimes the truth is even indisputable, a seeming rarity in this day and age.

One truth is so obvious and indisputable, but we seem to frequently act is if it weren’t the case.

This truth is that Earth is the center of our world. Literally.

She’s under our feet, provides the materials for our shelter, clothes, and entertainment, and our food, water and air.

I am reminding everyone of this truth because there is a huge disconnect: Earth is not the attentional center of humanity’s world, or even close.

At the center of many global citizens’ attention, understandably, is mere survival. However, for those of us who are fortunate enough that our daily survival is mostly a given, what sorts of things are the center of our world?

Money? Status? Comfort? Material goods? Consumption? Luxury? Entertainment?

Where on our priority list is care for Earth? How often do we even stop to notice, appreciate, and express gratitude for her brilliance, generosity, and abundance?

If we had a family member who provided the support for everything we needed to survive, and she doesn’t even make our short list of priorities, how is that likely to be received by our benefactor?

Just sayin’.