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Eco-Grief and Healing: A Conversation with Gaia | Earth Day Event

Where: Online
When: April 21, 2021 at 4 PM – 6:15 PM
Price: $20 suggested donation

The discussion will include topics such as quantum physics and Gaia consciousness, climate change and the collective unconscious, spiritual and psychological grief, healing in partnership with Earth, and more!

Our featured speakers at this event are:

  • Susanna Calvert, MAPP, PhD, Founder and Convener for Mission and Vision, Foundation for Family and Community Healing – Welcome; Our Reciprocal Relationship with Earth
  • Jan Moraski, physics professor – A Quantum View of Gaia Consciousness
  • Sarah D. Norton, PhD Depth Psychologist (Jungian and archetypal focus) – Eco-grief in Our Collective Unconscience
  • Tim Ford, hospice chaplain, VCU School of Medicine, and Convener for Engaging Spirituality, FFCH – Grief and Feeling Alive
  • Karen Gill, MSW, hospice therapist and Mothers out Front RVA lead – Earth Grief and Anxiety: Listening Inward; Connecting Outward
  • Faith Grieger, healer/energy worker/master hypnotherapist specializing in spiritual regression/lover of beauty and nature – Healing Earth: A Collective Remembrance

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