Thriving together through vibrant connections.


Exploring Rabbit Holes

If you’re as curious about your human existence as I am, I invite you to join me as I venture down another rabbit hole of self-exploration about the polarities we experience while on planet Earth.

I begin entering these rabbit holes with practices I picked up long ago from a wise teacher I encountered. First, I prepare myself by acknowledging that my physical existence resulted from the extension of my Soul’s light into my fetal form just prior to my birth. Then, for guidance, I call upon my Soul’s memory of my Unity with all that is. The memory of my Unity is held within my Soul’s light for safekeeping while the human part of me plays the game of forgetting my Unity. This acknowledgment helps me investigate the significance of my life events below the surface level of ego’s insistence that I am separate from other people, from Earth and her creatures, and from my Soul’s Divine origin.

I discovered that my experiences of polarity actually are not necessarily about choosing sides. They actually advance my conscious remembrance of my Unity. My inner peace deepens, my insight and creative potential expands from these experiences. I treasure them because I feel more in touch with my Soul and all that is. My life feels brighter. I’ve come to recognize that occasions of heightened polarities are opportunities to remember more about eternal Unity.  With this attitude, I’m much less reactionary, my responses are lovingly creative.

For example, when I was unaware of my tendencies to engage vigorously in polarizing events, I tended to be quite fearful and judgmental. Being judgmental, I used polarities as excuses to separate from others. I saw them as less than or greater than me. My reaction modes like fear, anger, self-righteousness, justified my separations. “I’m better than you because…” Remembrances of my Unity were lost to me. I’d become angry at myself, even self-abusive.

When I engaged in taking sides of polarizing situations, my ability to communicate with my Soul was greatly diminished. My sense of purpose and wisdom dulled. The more protracted this process is, the more I tended to be entrenched in the illusions of my separateness. This lead to frustration, impatience, even bitterness about my life. I saw the world as a cruel place that’s conspiring against me. Then I noticed the resulting karma that comes from my reactivity. Balancing the karma of separations was not fun!

However, I have been fortunate to have learned practices that help me return to my original state – Unity with all that is. These practices help me reestablish communication with my Soul where I am reminded that if I pay close attention, my polarizing experiences become pathways to remembering my Unity. I accept my Soul as my origin, animator of my physical self, and my reliable guiding companion. As I’ve expanded my relationship with my Soul, my Self-Knowing, Self-Awareness, and Self-Honoring expands. I’ve become a masterful co-creator of my life. Expressing these attributes, I see the endless potential for my expansion.  All my human experiences become occasions for celebration because my propensities to judge diminishes. The natural Order of life becomes vividly clearer to me more quickly.

From dialogues with my Soul, I’ve gained additional value for my life. I’m able to clearly elucidate the results of my choices about whether to react to polarities from the fearful personality level of myself or to respond to perceived polarizations from my Soul’s loving Essence and all-inclusive nature with tenderness and compassion.

The practice of consulting my Soul’s Unity and applying tenderness and compassion results in feeling pure joy. When I choose to apply these qualities of my Soul’s Essential nature in polarizing circumstances, my will merges with Divine Will.

Feeling this merger, I’m better able to sustain the neutrality held in the Vibration of Order, a state of authentic non-judgment of ‘what is.’ The inner calm of neutrality sometimes even dissolves my perception of polarities altogether. In some instances, neutrality leads me to a third choice, that of refraining from participation in polarizing experiences in the first place.

My inner peace deepens as I’ve become a more consistent practitioner of neutrality. When I take no side in a world embroiled in the fallacy of separations, they dissolve in the love in my heart and Unity held in my Soul. I’ve come to accept polarizing experiences as a tool for advancing my remembrance of my Union with all that is. I’ve recognized that the ever-increasing intensity of polarizing experiences is the best evidence I can point to for humanity’s nearing a major epiphany. Our collective remembrance of Unity results in a beautiful, peaceful, bountiful New Earth.