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Gratitude: The First Step To Improve Your World

As a Sound Therapy Practitioner, I study the relaxing and healing effects of sounds on the body. Which has in turn led me to study the healing effects of mindfulness and emotions. When gratitude fills my mind, it also fills my body and stress is released. I am not the only one who has learned this. There are several studies done on the effects of gratitude you can read more here. Gratitude can literally change the way your brain works.

We can use this emotion to help connect and heal our community and in turn our world.

Everything has a Vibrational frequency, and in Sound Therapy we say people have dissonant or coherent vibrations in their biofields aka aura and electromagnetic field. Imagine a cat purring, that is coherent vibration. Imagine a cat with hair raised and hissing, that is dissonance. There are ways to measure and help people regain coherent fields through meditation and breathwork that’s visible using biofeedback. There are emotions that help to clear areas of stress or dissonance in the body. The powerful emotions in our culture that appear to have the most coherent vibrations are gratitude, joy, compassion, and love.

This therapy has taught me the importance of realizing the power each person has with not only healing their bodies, but also in healing the world. When a person decides to focus on everything in their line of sight for which they are grateful, something shifts and their bodies relax. Once your body starts to relax, hormones begin to balance. Adrenaline stops pumping through the body, getting you ready to run by pulling circulation away from your digestive organs and storing as much energy as possible for the danger and rapid firing of your muscles. By allowing your body to relax, you will feel better in touch with the correct foods to nourish your body, your stomach will produce the right amount of digestive juices, your liver will be able to process the sugars, fats, and proteins properly and so on. Next as your muscles release tension, your body will being to process all the carbon monoxide and lactic acid. The muscle will balance their metabolic actions allowing for a reduction of pain. The cascade of balancing make take several weeks depending on the amount of stress and imbalance, but the shift will release all that no longer benefits.

For me I have started with tiny steps each day. With a deep breath and observing with intention everything for which I feel grateful, a roof over my head, dry clean clothes, a soft bed, I can release tension from all over my body. Within just a few minutes, I feel a living glow from my heart fill my whole torso and radiate down through my feet. With intention, the next step is to release that deep into the earth.

Continuing to think in gratitude as I exit my home, I notice the beautiful trees and leaves that produce the oxygen I breathe. I am grateful for that exchange to allow this clean air that helps my body and mind. I breath in deeply and again exhale and extend my awareness to the powerful roots of those trees that grow deep beneath my feet and throughout the yard. Those roots communicate wonderful nutrients and more from tree to tree. They are all connected. With that exhale and my awareness of this beauty, so am I. After a brief pause to breathe once more, I walk down a few steps towards my car. I look out to the distance trees and take a moment to hear the birds. What beautiful creatures they are as they fly around from tree to tree collecting food for their families. How beautiful Earth is this day!

By shifting into this state of gratitude, my blood pressure is lowered, my heart rate is slow and steady and I am feeling quite calm. While I drive down the road, I can maneuver gently around little puddles and squirrels with ease. I keep my distance from the car in front of me so that I can react with plenty of time and less frustration. I allow myself to witness the beauty of nature all around me. How blessed to be able to drive and experience such freedom. Windows wide open and hair blowing free, this is a blessing. I am acknowledging every step of my journey the beauty and blessings which in turn keep me centered and relaxed.

Once I am in my office I am able to be kind and present for each of my clients. With this walk of gratitude I have released stress and tension so that I have room not only in my mind but also in my body for the work of my day. With practice, everyone can do the same.

Imagine a world where everyone walked with gratitude for this beautiful Earth. The rocks and minerals clean our water and rain, the trees and plants that give us the oxygen we breathe, the creatures that grow to bring us nourishment. How kind we would be and how careful with our resources. We would waste not seeing that taking too much can cause injury. We have plenty, we are supported and have all that we need. Once you notice everything around you, you feel supported and recognize the abundance. What a beautiful world we live in! How balanced we all would be feeling the abundant resources that supports us on Earth.

When one person works to shift their awareness to one of gratitude, it opens up their mind to the potential they have to create their world. As they make these changes, and allow room for gratitude, opportunities appear that they would not have recognized before. By relaxing their mind with gratitude, they are able to see many more possibilities. As they do this, others who are ready will notice and learn how to do the same. We can all regain our connection and balance with this world and all her creatures, and shifting to a place of gratitude is one of the most powerful ways to start.

I am super grateful for the privilege of guiding others to see and feel the powerful emotions that bring balance and heal their bodies. We have the power to radiate gratitude and walk with loving dignity no matter our circumstances. No one can take that away. You may choose to give it away, but no one can take the power of gratitude away from you without your permission.

Reclaim your power and radiate that gratitude into our beautiful Earth. It will not only heal you, but give others around you space and permission to do the same. They can in turn help others and with this awakening, we can have space within to heal our world with gratitude and balance. Walking with gratitude can heal us all.

Written by Kim Naugle Long, BA, COA, Usui & Karuna® Reiki Master/Teacher, Sound Therapy Practitioner
She has been practicing in Athens, Georgia since 2014, and began her healing journey in 2002. Read more at Contact her for online remote sessions and in-person sessions: