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Introducing: Living in the BlueSpace

As a man who has traveled the inner pathway over the last thirty years, studied under many masters, and died a thousand times, I discovered my true Self was within me all that time. Already whole and complete, my Self was awaiting my acknowledgment then its embodiment so it could be fully expressed through me. If I can do this anyone can. I  promise you! My blog series, Living In The BlueSpace is intended to provide guidance for readers through the morass of the fearful mind full of illusions of our separateness from each other, from our planet, and from the Source of All That Is. Through these blogs, I hope to reassure you that When It’s All For Love, It’s All For One.

Embedded in my blogs, readers can expect to hear questions like:

1. What would your life be like if you feared nothing?

2. What would your life be like if nothing mattered?

3. What would your life be like if the truth of your Union with All That Is, is within you?

4. Are you willing to begin the journey to the center of your own Beingness?

5. Are you willing to see, acknowledge, and claim dominion of your true identity?

More specifically, my blogs will attempt to zero in on ways that readers can experientially arrive at a balance of the masculine and feminine energy dynamics within themselves like asking: What if the separation of the two genders in the modern human mind is actually an illusion? What if our perceptions of separation are part of a game of self-exploration played by Souls through their human incarnations? What if our Souls are composed of both genders held in balance waiting for humans to remember this balance? What if part of the human journey is to experiment with the characteristics of one gender being dominant over the other? What if recognizing that it’s all a game of pretending to be separate, you win and the game ends?

I’ve learned to engage this perceived gender imbalance and all other dualities in a head-on manner. It’s helped me reach a gender balance point within myself. Now I’m able to  access and employ the highest level of the characteristics of each gender to resolve any  issue or problem I encounter. I’ve learned to accept duality as systemic to my human  experience and use it to remember my Union with All That Is. Remember, a single coin has two sides. I call this neutral, non-judgmental place The BlueSpace where I live  more creatively than when I lived, ruled by the “fight or flight” syndrome, prevalent in the  illusion of my separateness.


The general structure for each of my blogs will include three basic elements:

1. Introduction of a lesson I learned from challenging circumstances I encountered

2. Tell readers a true story from my life that led me to inner wisdom and a solution

3. Conclude my blogs with how I embody and extend the Light of this wisdom to create inner peace, joy, and love that is now mirrored in my external daily life.

This fulfills the truth spoken by Pablo Neruda: “Changing the world is an inside job.”

Like him, I tell stories because they speak to universal truths embedded in our everyday human lives. Mythologies, metaphors, and memories of intuitive truths are my allies.  They are elegant ways to reach and connect human hearts. Stories also establish links between and integrate the microcosm of our daily lives with the macrocosm of universal truths lying beneath the surface of our humdrum. Stories can reignite the magical flame held in our Souls awaiting only our escape from the bondage of our perceived separateness. Stories help us remember our interconnectedness with All That Is.

I promise to strive to demonstrate with my stories that the perceived differences we hide from the world, believing them to be exclusively personal burdens, are common to all humans. I pray that my blog readers will recognize that the journey of Souls through the illusions of separation are systemically common to the human incarnative process. Our conflicts over our “rightness” are ways our Souls expand their Self-Awareness. And all aspects of our humanness, Light and shadow are truly magnificent. In sharing my stories with readers, I pray that they discover and embrace the commonalities of our journey to reach a new level of intimacy with self and others. This makes, “The million years of dreaming,” the truth of our common Union, a physical reality once again.

Finally, my intention for these blogs is to open the hearts and Souls of readers were all together, hand-in-hand, we turn all our trials into triumphs. And in our celebration, a  New Earth emerges reflective in all ways we remember our original Union.


Albert C. Moore is retired after 40 years of practicing architecture, today he’s an artist and author of: Eyes In The Mirror: Everything Changed When He Met His Soul. It’s available for purchase in paperback, hardcover, and digital formats at: or Independently and through FFCH, Al also facilitates the program, Adventures in Self-Mastery. Inquire at and 505.310.2089. Read more of Albert’s stories at: