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Make Intentions and Resolutions for the 2022 New Year

The distinction between an intention and resolution is small but important. A resolution is a firm decision that you either meet or miss. Weight loss, exercise, or saving money are typical resolutions for the new year. Less than half of resolutions are maintained after 6 months, according to this research.

Though resolutions overlap with intentions, an intention is a plan or a goal, often with more vaguely defined outcomes. Admittedly this is counter to the SMART goal mentality, where specific achievable and realistic goals, measures, and timelines are identified to provide clarity to your objective. However, I’m suggesting that the softer, often unmeasurable objectives associated with soft skills are just as important, or more, for 2022.

The pandemic, economic, and other challenges are making many of us feel off balance, which may not be improved by getting things done on our To Do list. Perhaps our sense of discomfort, anxiety, or restlessness can best be solved by being tender with the parts of us that are experiencing angst. Our hearts and souls are yearning for some TLC, which is generally not measurable or solved by SMART goals.

My intentions for 2022 are related to the TLC I feel we all need. Here is my list, maybe it might inspire yours:

  • Be kinder and more compassionate to myself, others, and Earth.
  • Be present and notice when kindness and compassion are needed. Act accordingly.
  • Let go of what I do not need, including mindless materialism, ego- or fear-driven pursuits (such as the need to be ‘right’), festering anger, resentment, or judgment.
  • Rely increasingly on my inner wisdom, instead of fearful, judgmental thoughts.
  • Focus more on what matters to me most – my connection with myself, my purpose, my loved ones, Earth, and the Divine.
  • Love my body and even the COVID-19 weight I gained.

My New Year’s Intentions may not help me fit into my pre-pandemic jeans but I know it’ll bring joy and peace more satisfying than wearing an old pair of pants. I’m also guessing that those around me, including Earth, are less concerned about my pants size than the energy of love and care that will be more available in 2022.

May we all achieve our resolutions and intentions, and for 2022 to be peaceful, joyful, and nourishing for you, your loved ones, and Earth.