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A Proposal for a More Holistic Approach to Climate Change Solutions

Americans are increasingly concerned about global warming and the deteriorating state of the environment. An ongoing Gallup poll of American’s view of the environment reveals our evolving view of climate change issues since the poll began over 2 decades ago. Over three-quarters (77%) of the 2019 respondents feel the tone of the discussion around climate change is generally correct or even underestimates the severity of the problem, up from 61% in 1998. Furthermore, 64% state that the quality of the environment is getting worse despite approximately $16 billion per year investment from the public (Environmental Protection Agency, $8 billion in 2017) and private ($8.2 billion in 2015) sectors; 74% worry about the quality of the environment at least a “fair amount”. The Gallup poll also indicates that 61% feel the government is doing too little to combat climate change, indicating that Americans desire better solutions for the climate crisis.

Our current strategies may not produce the desired results in the needed timeframe even should we provide greater investment. In addition to insufficient funding and prioritization for existing efforts, our current strategy is limited in the following ways. First, not everyone is participating. Even among the 77% who accept the climate change narrative, many may feel the solutions are too expensive (e.g., hybrid cars or solar panels), too inconvenient (e.g. public transportation), or inaccessible (e.g., lack of public transportation in their community). Second, current strategies are overwhelmingly focused on carbon-based or physical solutions, such as recycling. Though so much more can and should be done with regards to physical solutions, a supplemental, more holistic framework could invite and evoke novel and effective solutions that enable all to participate.

Innovative solutions need not be expensive or inaccessible, and are potentially discoverable by returning to our collective lost or forgotten wisdom. For generations, our ancestors and indigenous people have cultivated a healthy, and mutually beneficial relationship with Earth to foster mutual survival and even prosperity. Though that connection may feel hard to access within our modern homes and workplaces, as a member of Earth’s ecology, we likely retain at least an intuitive connection to the natural world that can once again form the basis for a healthy, reciprocal relationship with Earth.

A more intuitive approach to environmental solutions may seem actually counter-intuitive in our technologically-driven age. However, modern medicine has already begun the reintegration of holistic practices with the modern. For example, we no longer believe that medical care alone is sufficient and optimal for human healing. Rather, a more holistic approach is considered best practice, where the psychological, emotional, and spiritual needs of the patient are included in the most effective care plans. Similarly, considering a more holistic approach to Earth healing can reveal new opportunities and strategies for more effective and engaging environmental solutions.

Therefore, the Foundation for Family and Community Healing is launching this Show Love social media campaign to explore ideas, practices, and potential solutions that will provide mutual support for humanity’s and Earth’s wellbeing so that we can Thrive Together. We invite you to join us in this exciting exploration: read, like, share, invite others, discuss with us and among yourselves … we welcome participation in all the ways that we can thrive together with Earth!