Thriving together through vibrant connections.


Foundation for Family and Community Healing – Our Why

Relationships are the most important things in our lives, but few of us are actually taught to create healthy and rewarding relationships. As a result, many struggle to form resilient and lasting relationships that are both satisfying and fulfilling.

The tools to create positive relationships are out there, but not readily available in high quality and accessible formats. The Foundation for Family and Community Healing believes that everyone should have the skills to create rewarding relationships with each other and Earth. Therefore, we will provide the building blocks that people need to foster good mental and emotional health, and to cultivate positive relationships with each other and Earth. In so doing, humanity can both thrive together and with Earth.

To thrive together, we must learn and grow together. This is especially true for relationship skills. Our online educational programs will use empirically-tested methods and be provided in an engaging, online community to help students, their parents, and community members to develop mental, emotional, and relationship skills. Learners will develop these skills experientially at home, school, and work, while encouraging their loved ones and co-workers to participate for mutual benefit.

To existing climate change discussions and strategies such as carbon drawdown and recycling, we will also add the novel (and ancient) paradigm of humanity’s reciprocal relationship with Earth to create a more holistic frame to discover new environmental solutions. Furthermore, through our Show Love, Thrive Together social media campaign, the Foundation will encourage broad participation in providing emotional and spiritual support for Earth’s healing: spend time with Earth, be present and appreciative, express gratitude, improve and beautify, pray or meditate for Earth’s healing, and use creative expression to celebrate Earth and Nature.

Please join us in our discussions and programs as we explore how to create vibrant connection to restore and enhance the health of our inner, outer, and shared worlds. Creation of such healthy and rewarding connections will create hope, a sense of meaning and purpose, feelings of empowerment, and powerful transformations within us, our communities, and for Earth so that we may all thrive together.