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An Introduction to Lis McAllister: Calm Beneath

Together with FFCH, I am offering a daily check-in called Path to Calm. It is a guided journey of single steps through 365 days (using the hashtag #3652calm – 365 days to Calm.) The intention is to share information and resources for the purpose of cultivating balanced energy and resiliency, supporting both self and community. I invite you to join me as we find actionable ways to embody a calm and centered state. You can subscribe here to receive these emails. 

I’m Lis, and I’ll be your guide. I like to think of myself as a curator of calm.

I stepped on this path looking for ways to self soothe after personal upheaval left me feeling overwhelmed, anxious and disconnected from my true self. As a librarian, I did what came naturally to me and began reading and researching for direction. Eventually through workshops, training, and mentorship in the personal development field, I have amassed a big ol’ bucket of tools perfect for disruptive times like the ones we are collectively living in. (Have you noticed how many news stories these days seem to be labeled “unprecedented”?) In sharing what has helped me, I believe we can support each other and those around us.

I think the rapid pace of technology combined with nervous tension about the unknown future has led our imaginations astray. When we focus on what’s happening around us, it’s difficult to tune into our inner landscape where our power lies.

I offer #3652calm as a way through the turbulence, a path to cultivate the skills needed to anchor feelings of inner peacefulness.

Here is an example from Day 3 of the daily writings: 

3/365 Begin this year with a solid dose of self love!

Words are powerful, especially the ones you speak to yourself. What words do you typically choose to follow “I am ____________?” Listen with a carefully tuned ear. Without awareness, we can harbor self-defeating inner dialog that’s not serving us.

Speak to yourself the way your pet (or your child, or your favorite other) communicates without words. Realize that you ARE that person who is worthy. When someone values you, they are seeing and reflecting back your best qualities. That’s why you love them and they love you. Love yourself! It’s ok to love you. It’s GOOD to love you! Put a note on your mirror if you need a reminder. Speak kindly. You are a treasure.

You can learn more about Lis McAllister via her website,