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How and Why We Value Civic Engagement 

This afternoon, I was on a Zoom call discussing the importance and value to organizations of civic engagement. I felt inspired and decided to whip up a quick blog post to share my enthusiasm with you.   

Why is an organization like the Foundation for Family and Community Healing invested in civic engagement? When we think about our work’s outcomes, which are wellbeing, resilience in mental, emotional and relationship health, and caring for the environment, it comes into focus. 

My personal theory of change is promoting coherence, defined as “the quality of forming a unified whole.” Giving back is a wonderful way to celebrate our newfound wellbeing and feeling of being whole.  

This is strictly a non-partisan post, yet I think everyone can agree there is a fierce urgency to 2024.  

So, what can you do? Check out this list below. 

  • Vote early 
  • Each one of us is someone’s trusted messenger, do not underestimate the value of peer-to-peer discussions 
  • Learn about local issues, these tend to be big motivators for infrequent voters 
  • Volunteer for voter registration drives 
  • Volunteer to transport elderly and disabled voters to the polls 
  • If you run an organization, make it is easy for your team to vote with flexible options 

This is not meant to be an all-encompassing list.  

Your newfound, increased wellbeing and resilience is valuable beyond you in creating a unified whole. Besides, when we participate, we feel good, meet new people, and can have pride in our contribution. How do you want to contribute this year? 

Ajax Greene is the Chief Operations Officer at the Foundation for Family and Community Healing and founder of Coherence Collaborative.