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REACHing Towards Forgiveness 

photo of Aimee Layo, Filipino woman with brown hair in a light reddish pink jumpsuit, standing outside in front of a body of water leaning against a wooden fence

Last week, I shared my own experience with forgiving myself and learning that it was okay for me to set healthy boundaries. In the time I was working on adapting […]

How and Why We Value Civic Engagement 

This afternoon, I was on a Zoom call discussing the importance and value to organizations of civic engagement. I felt inspired and decided to whip up a quick blog post […]

2024: Letting Go and Listening

2024: Letting Go and Listening

Many people are talking about what they wish to let go of moving into 2024. I am exploring what it would mean to develop a practice of letting go. Specifically, […]

Companion Planting

In our garden of life, many people come and go. Our interactions with others can be beneficial or detrimental to our well-being, growth, and development. I have always carried a […]