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Rebuilding Back Ethically

2020 was a hard year, but 2021 presents new challenges and more importantly, new opportunities. As the Covid-19 vaccine rolls out and slowly the world reopens, the questions present themselves: How do we want to build back? Do we want to return to where we were before the pandemic? Or do we want to change the paradigm of business to one centered on more than just profit?

Covid-19 will not be the only hard thing we have to face in this decade. Climate change continues to have drastic impacts on our home, growing income inequality will ravage our local communities, and the list continues. These issues can seem overwhelming or impossible to solve, but when we reopen our economies, we can choose to build them back ethically. We can choose to prioritize sustainability, living wages, circular economies, and so on instead of reverting to what got us into this situation

The work to save our planet started decades ago, but it is on us to continue to rebuild. Organizations like The Green Restaurant Association, Association for Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, and Green Key have been helping businesses implement better ethical practices for decades. By providing standards, advice, and education, these organizations, along with others, created a subset of businesses focused on sustainability on top of normal business operations. More importantly, these organizations give us valuable information to reference as we navigate our everyday lives and make decisions on where to eat out, where to go to college, and so on. With the help of Ethyk, a free-to-use browser extension, it is now even easier to use their work to help you become a more ethical consumer.

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With the Ethyk browser extension, the power to shop ethically is at your fingertips. All over the internet, whether looking for a restaurant for dinner, a university to advance your career, or a hotel on your next vacation, you can find businesses that values sustainability. By simply installing Ethyk, when you visit webpages like Yelp, UberEats, and Niche, businesses that are certified sustainable have a seal next to their name. No longer do you have to guess or visit dozens of webpages to find an ethical alternative. So, the power to build back ethically is right at your fingertips.


The power to build back ethically and sustainably has never been easier. This is our time to help support those businesses that protect our homes and our communities. This is our time to redesign our economy to benefit all of us. And with just a few simple clicks, that power is available to you today.