Thriving together through vibrant connections.


The Dreamer

I’m often invigorated by my inner visions. My body responds with glorious sensations as I dream of bliss-filled realities of Union. Many of my visions are quite vivid. I feel blessed and filled with wonderment. I child-like once again. Yes, I am happy to be a dreamer. Dreaming comes naturally to me. In my life, I’ve dreamed wonderful things into being.

Am I a freak? Sometimes I doubt the value of being a dreamer.

However, after some time in deep consideration, I asked myself: What is the dreamer’s role in human society? Shortly after asking myself that question, the following came to me:

The dreamer is a harbinger of worlds yet to be fulfilled. Dreamers know and sense what is about to become but, must wait, never interfering with the natural unfolding of the Universe. The dreamer’s burden is to hold steady, to be patient while observing all that is occurring.

When the dreamer senses the perfect moment, the dreamer then places the memory of the fulfillment, like a pebble into a bucket of water, into the minds of those available to facilitate its becoming. A critical mass of dream builders accumulates in the human population. In this way the dreamer learns humility, taking no credit for the dream. Dreamers are simply vehicles through which dreams pass from the BlueSpace, the place where everything already exists, then appear in physical form.

If the dream already exists in this BlueSpace and a dreamer offers its human vehicle for the dream to pass then, What determines the readiness of humankind to receive the dream to be fulfilled?

The Curve of the Acceleration measures the advancement of human Self-Awareness as creator beings. As the collective human Self-Awareness advances toward remembering our Union with All That Is, the dream of transitions from the BlueSpace into the hearts of the people of the world. The people marvel. Oh! Now I remember what it looks like and feels like to be in Union with all that is.

Together, in our Union brings the peace of a million years of dreaming?