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On Contrast

At one time I held a rather rigid expectation that my life would proceed along a straight and narrow road that would lead me to what common measure considers success in relationship, in business, and in material existence. Laughable conveys only a tiny fraction of my current sentiments regarding this expectation. During a recent period  reviewing my life, I’ve come to value and appreciate the many twists and turns my life has actually taken.

Central to my deviating from the straight and narrow road, has been that of the contraries I’ve encountered along my life path. At first, I naively attempted to convince those with thoughts, feelings and actions contrary to my own that they were headed down a slippery slope. Well, making others wrong didn’t go so well for me. It separated me from others. Later, my years of self-imposed hermitage revealed that my life’s underlying intention and purpose is to assist people in remembering their unity with all that is and the great benefits to be reaped. 

I’ve begun to see and understand the value of contraries. Contrasts to my own thinking present me with opportunities to hear others at deep levels. In hearing others, my heart opens to them. I feel a deeper sense of compassion for them and then for myself. When I give up attempting to convince others of my rightness, a beautiful peace enters me at a cellular level. I am able to honor myself as well as the other and their life’s path. No matter how divergent our life paths, we are inherently connected by and to the common Source we all share. 

From my self-study, I no longer fight to change the world. I’ve begun to embody Neruda’s statement. “Changing the world is an inside job.” This practice has paid many dividends in all aspects of my life. Best of all, my creativity has blossomed, not just artistically but also in my relations with others. From the crooked road my life has taken I’ve learned that contraries provide the fuel for the advancement of remembering our union with each other, with the Earth and her creatures and with the Creator of all that is.

Until my next blog, I leave you with this:

Consider the relevancy of this thought from Albert Camus, slightly tweaked by me.

“Blessed are the hearts (and minds) that can bend; they shall never be broken.”

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